Tuesday, October 1, 2013

An example of the quality of ID "research" arguments.

At the website After the Bar Closes, a website dedicated to discussing "Intelligent Design Advocates", a visit is made to Mr. Casey Luskin, an atttorney working for the Discovery Intstitute:

A little while ago I linked to Casey Luskin's EN&V attack on Dr. Jennifer Raff (of Violent Metaphors). He was unhappy that she implied that a DI affiliation might be considered relevant to an author's credibility, and impliedly challenged her to take ID research at face value. Challenge accepted!
Violent Metaphors

Mr. Luskins error is that he takes an ID-friendly article of dubious quality at face value and compounds the error by going on to defending it in an attack on Dr. Jennifer Raff.

(This should be of interest to our local cdesignproponentsist, KjellTveter), but he wisely stays away from any debate about his beloved Intelligent Design that he, like Luskin, defends without knowing what he is talking about.)