Friday, March 29, 2013

Stephen Meyer needs your help!

Stephen Meyer of the Discovery Institute will soon pulbish another ID book on the Cambrian explosion.

Since nothing new in ID (ID-news is a joke, ID = God did it.), we hope semone may help poor Stephen with his book. Stephen Meyer is of about the same caliber as Casey Luskin who have writen a lot about the second law of thermodynamics because the 2LOT is evidence that evolution is impossible, evolution  would be a 'violation of the 2LOT'.

I won't make any arguments abotu the 2LOT here, excpet to say that as far as I can tell,  the 2LOT simply is an expression of what it implies to use energy. To perform work, any kind of physical work, energy is needed. As soon as all free energy (at the location in question) has been 'consumed', furher activity is impossible.

Since we live at a place where there are rich soruces of free energy available wherever we look, there is plenty of room for arguing Luskin's claims but that doesn't belong here.

But a fine post regarding the Cambrian is available at the Pandas Thumb here: 

A little quote from there:
"Modern hagfish are craniates, they’re not true vertebrates. The oldest known true vertebrate is Arandaspis, a jawless fish, from the Ordovician, 480-70 Mya, some 50 million years after the early Cambrian. The first jawed fish (gnathostomes) appear in Late Ordovician (less than 461 Mya.)
So it took 70 million years after the Cambrian “explosion” for their Intelligent Designer to put a jaw on a vertebrate. 70 million years is a heck of a long time to design a jaw, considering that it’s just a modified version of the rib bones that separate a fish’s gills. A real intelligent designer could have come up with that in an afternoon."

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