Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The beacon of Intelligent Design

I think of blog created by former "Isaac Newton of information theory", William Dembski, "Uncommon Descent"  as the Beacon of Intelligent Design,  the primary venue of the intelligent design movement.

Dembski now has retired into a fellowship at the Dicovery Institute, the stronghold of the ID scam.

But there is money, good old $$$ in creationism - it doesn't matter what these people say or write, as long as it brings bread and butter on th table (with a little something on the side) they keep the charade of having found the ultimate scientif truth 'afloat' in the big tent of creationism.

In case you didn't know, ID is compatible with all kinds of creationism; the important point is to stand 100% by the inerrancy of the Bible. The Bible beats all science, the words of the Bible is the ultimate arbiter.

I wish I could present a collection of Dembski quotes; they says all there is to know about Intelligent Design and the attempt to turn people away from science by telling the world that science is crap, the Bible has the last word on scientific issues. Scinece should not be in the hands of scientists, a theocratic society would ensure a science not in opposition to holy scripture.

When doubta arise, the Bible is the last word. So simple, so easy, just follow the example of Dembski. 

A link to the Florida Baptist Witness
Not quite what  I had in mind but interesting anway.

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