Friday, December 28, 2012

Why did I create this blog?

This blog was created primarily to "honor" Kjell Tveter, a person for whom I have very little respect.
Beig a decent chap, I refrain from using a word like idiot even if I find it appropriate.
He has written a book that must be one of the worst books ever written for the purpose of propagating creationism. Pure, unadulterated, religious creationism: "Life,  Creation or Accident."
The level of his stupidity is evident from what he wrote in a newspaper article: 
The foundation of the theory of evolution is that life spontaneously arose all by itself, without any "Creator."

I have challenged him on just that false claim but his response dodges the question, and is full of classical creationist crap from obviously ID sources.

More to follow later.

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