Saturday, April 13, 2013

Eight Challenges for Intelligent Design Advocates

At National Center for Science Education, we find the Eight Challenges for Intelligent Design Advocates.

Needless to say, no signs of any attempt at response have seen the light of day in the eight years since the challenge was published.  It is like it never happened, the haven't read it, it doesn exixt. That's right, in danger, close your eyes and the danger disappears!

Most likely, never will. ID is empty, always was, ever will be. Any average intellignet person really should have no problem with seeing that - all it takes is to read anything written by William Dembski. He's got a most fitting name, our Dumbski.

BTW, I think all references to "Biola University" should be replaced with  its proper name, "Bible Institute of Los Angeles."

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