Sunday, April 7, 2013

Time for ID-creationists to celebrate Paul Nelson Day!

At Pandas Thumb, PZ Myers remind us it is time to celebrate, Happy Paul Nelson Day!  again.

Paul Nelson is the creator, yes, creator! of the term ontogenetic depth but has never shown that is anything but just another ID/creationsist ploy.
Like CSI, ontogenetic depth cannot be measured or calculated.
ID creationism gets pretty boring when you have been studying it for ten - twenty years. Just think of the enormous strides both evolutionary research, and that other, unrelated subejct, research on possible mechanisms and routes from the barren, primordial Earth to the first cellular life, archea, bacteria.  From there, the highway to multicellular life just a few billion years in the future.
Darwin would have loved to learn how much time really was available.

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