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Current (sad) state of the ID movement.

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I hadn't heard from a lot of IDiot organizations for sometime, and
started to look into what happened to them.  A lot of them seem to be
"moribund."  I've already posted about several of them, but decided to
see what happened to them all.  ARN and the Discovery Institute seems to
be about the only ones that I would claim to be active at this time.
The rest either have nothing to do, or are doing pretty much nothing.

I got a list of IDiot organizations from creation wiki:

This is their full list:

Access Research Network
Discovery Institute
Intelligent Design Network
Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Center
International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design
Origins by Leadership University.

Access Research Network

ARN seems to be active and still selling the IDiot junk.  It has been
basically the sales arm of the Discovery Institute fellows with IDiot
junk to sell to IDiots.  Discovery Institute fellows Meyer and Nelson
are still on their board of directors.

They no longer support their discussion boards. Editing the discussions
probably got to be too much for them.  I remember trying to find a post
around the time of the Dover fiasco (2005) and probably over half the
posts were missing from the time around the Ohio fiasco (2002-2003).  It
must have been a pretty sad job to read the posts and remove the unwanted.

Discovery Institute

The ID scam wing is still active.  No one has ever gotten the ID science
to teach, and they still do not have an intelligent design lesson plan
to demonstrate that they have any ID science to teach available on their
web site.  They do have an initial draft lesson plan of the switch scam
that they ran on the Ohio IDiots back in 2002.  All mention of the
Discovery Institute and its fellows was removed from this lesson plan
for the final draft and all creationist web links were removed along
with removal of the Wellsian "mistake" of no moths on tree trunks and
the citation of Wells' book from the reference list.  No mention of the
ID scam or ID perps remained in the final draft.

To date, no IDiot has ever gotten the promised ID science to teach in
the public schools, so they might as well be moribund.  Enough said.

Intelligent Design Network

I already reported on IDnet in this post:

But there seems to be some offshoots that I did not consider.  The New
Mexico branch web site seems to have not been updated since 2010.

The Ohio branch seems to be defunct:

If not dead, the IDnetwork is definitely moribund.

Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Center

I reported on IDEA here:

There used to be a number of IDEA student clubs at various universities,
but there was a rapid decline once the bait and switch started to go
down in 2002.  It looks like university level students had a difficult
time adjusting to the fact that no one ever got the ID science that was
supposed to exist, and it doesn't look like they wanted to bend over for
the creationist switch scam that doesn't even mention that ID ever
existed.  With ID in the name of your club pretending that ID never
existed was probably too much for most of them.  Since there do not seem
to be any IDEA clubs left to support, the IDEA Center seems to have
nothing much to do.  They are still asking for donations to do whatever
they are doing, so any IDiot still has a chance to help them out.

International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design,_Information,_and_Design

As I reported before the ISCID seems to be defunct and their web address
no longer works.  This was supposed to be the scientific society of
intelligent design scientists.

Origins by Leadership University.

The Origins web site looks like it never got off the ground.  It has
been under construction since 2012. doesn't seem to exist any longer.

I did find one organization not listed by Creationwiki.

Centre for intelligent Design in the UK.  This seems like more of a
political club than a science centre.  Shouldn't the name be "Centre OF
Intelligent Design?"  My guess is that these guys were unintentionally

It doesn't matter because their big news is still Behe's visit to the UK
in 2010, and they had two updates to their web site in 2013 and none
this year.

I do not think that the ID scam is going to die anytime soon (just look
at Kalk and Steady Eddie), but it's future seems to be less bright than
scientific creationism that preceded it.  The Institute of creation
research (ICR) is still active.  So is the Creation Research Society
(CRS) and Answers in Genesis (AIG).  The CRS has existed since the
1960's and all of them fell on their face in the 1980's.  If they hadn't
failed so miserably there would have been no need for the creationist ID
scam.  By comparison the equivalent IDiot institutions seem to have
already pretty much collapsed.  The difference between the creationist
organizations seems to be that the CRS, AIG, and ICR never ran the bait
and switch scam on their own creationist support base like the ID perps did.

Where is the ISCID?  They used to publish the first IDiot "science"
journal.  Now, I can't even get on Wayback because of
something called robots.txt.*/

I hope someone kept copies of the ISCID journal articles.  The article
on Biblical flood science was probably revolutionary, and likely ranks
among the greatest intelligent design scientific articles of all time.
Not that, that is saying very much.

Ron Okimoto

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