Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Daily Beast just came to my attention

This entry at

The Daily Beast

has an interesting take on the fact that babies sometimes are born with a tail - a tail that may even be wiggled, meaning the in or genes, we all posses the nerves and muscles to wiggle the tail - but since that funny little thing is of such little utility to people, it has over time become deselected.

So only a slight disturbance in the chemistry of our nine months of development causes a tail to be made.

The tail is just one of many so-called vestigal organs still present in our genome.

BTW, I was alerted to

 The Daily Beast 

 by a very interesting post  at the Pandas Thumb
highlighting the strategy and tactics of the ID movement.

If the ID movement had anything of value to show for their effort of their twenty years of existence, they wouldn't need to employ such devices.

The fact is they have nothing, all they are doing is to cast whatever doubt they can on the scientific theory of evolution - a theory that has stood the test of time for over sixty years, and has come a very long way since Darwin and Wallace discovered the mechanism, the principle of Natural Selection.

In the same way as we acknowledge the theory of gravity as developed bp Isaac Newton but are forced to use Einstein's theory of relativity when accuracy is required, like in the GPS systems we all depend on these days.

In the same way, the ToE has come a long way since Darwin.

We may ignore Newton but can't do without Einstein just as we may ignore Darwin but can't do without Wilson & Crick and many, many more.

While the ToE is very easily explained, it takes more effeort than maybe any other theory to really begin to understand how  all the amount of evidence from many scientific disciplines comes together in creating a coherent, consistent theory. ID is no alternative, ID was created to take us back to the 17th century.

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