Friday, February 22, 2013

About Origins of Life.

That's right, origins of life; not the Origins of Species, alredy a solidly developed theory of evolution.

But where did life come from? We wouldn't be human if we didn't speculate about that,  and doing our damn best to see what we could find out. Life must have an origins, a beginning and we are in the habit of ruling out magic. Especially today, as we so far never have found any evidence of applied magic a work in the universe. (If you have evidence for magic, please feel free to show it.)

So here is a little news item that puts to shame creationist claims that we alread have reached the end of research; we have met the wall. Far from it, we won't announce defeat until we are defeated.

From Science Daily:

I thing the future prospects for faith in magic are bleak, and the alternative of the little green men doing it doesn't seem to offer much hope either. Remains good old science...

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