Saturday, February 9, 2013

Elementary introduction to evolution

Links below.

A good place to start for people with a honest desire to learn, and to understand just what the dividing line between the scientific theory of evolution and pseudoscience, YEC and ID "alternatives" to science is.

"Teach the controversy"? There is no controversy over evolution, what we have is fundamentalism doing its best to keep creationism alive - in a desperate attack on science - to preserve faith in an infallible Bible.

"Critical thinking"? A code word word for using all the creationist crap you can dig up to cast doubt on science and the ToE.

How can you apply critical thinking if you only know creationism - and know science/evolution only from the cerationsist "perspective"?  Quotes because it may not even be a true perspective, but just anything the can make look trustworthy to the innocent followers of the creationist campaign against science.

There is no harm in knowledge, is there? The more you can learn to know about biology and evolution - from the scientific sources themselves - not filtered and distorted through the myopic and conditioned mind of a creationist, don't you think that might be a good idea? Ignorance breeds stupidity.

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