Friday, February 15, 2013

Once again Intelligent Design...

The Pandas Thumb is a great site for anyone interested in watching the controversy between science and creationism. The creationists, whether of the YEC or ID variety or anything in between in the "Big Tent" og cerationism, regularly show up being confused even about the first thing about evolution:

It is NOT abou the origins of life on Earth! The theory of evolution simply begins by acknowledging the fact that  at some point in time, life arose on the planet. A divine miracle or a natural development? Irreleveant, we know life is here and that's that. From there on, natural forces have brought us to where we are today. Even within the ID movement claims are often made that evolution is all right - but it needs the constant nudging by the hand of an Intelligent Designer, i.e. God, to take the right course.

Which remains to be proven. Arguments from incredulity and lack of knowlede is all they have. And most of the time, a faith in sore need of tangible evidence. Faith?

Butt look for yourself, Interesting debate with good points

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